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FingerSnap Creativity Challenge

What a great start for our Airdrop campaign! We did not expect such a big rush! We currently count nearly 1500 members. And we welcome new “FingerSnappers” every day!

Now that more than 30% of all Airdrop Tokens have been distributed, it’s time to say THANK YOU!
To celebrate this, we have thought about something special!

The FingerSnap Creativity Challenge

So what do you have to do to take part in this challenge?

We’ll tell you!

We are looking for the biggest FingerSnap supporter! A member that stands out from the crowd!
How can you prove that?

Create a piece of art that you can relate to! That can be anything like:

A self-created picture

A piece of Musik

A creative Selfie

A YouTube Video

....or anything else you can imagine!!

How to enter the Competition?

We keep it simple this time. To participate, you must do the following.

If you do not have an account on you have to create one! We will contact the winner on our platform!

Share your work in the comment area of ​​the TWEET with the hashtag #FingerSnap. Like and Retweet!

That’s it!

Among all participants, the FingerSnap team picks the 5 best. The winner will be determined by the FingerSnap Community. The vote will be made with a public poll on

Price Table

1st Place : 5000 $FST Token

2nd Place : 2500 $FST Token

3rd Place : 1000 $FST Token

Minimum Participants: 25

Haven’t recieved AIRDROP?

Get 500 FST Token here!

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    Awesome contest $FST $NEBL $IMBA Best


  • Mithoo November 26, 2019

    I did not believe that there was such a unique and promising project, but when I visited their website and official tweeter I was convinced that the project has great potential.I will employ everyone to take part this great and initiative project.


  • zerga November 27, 2019

    FingerSnap is a very important project and I am sure it has a great future. I am happy to participate and I hope that everyone joins me this project for a better world. Thank you very much and good luck.


  • anwarridin December 6, 2019

    How to add Neblio address to my profile?


    • nicehand December 9, 2019

      Enter it in ‘ABout me’ in the profile settings


  • usename December 7, 2019

    Удивительный конкурс $FST $NEBL $IMBA Best


  • nicehand December 9, 2019

    Why can’t I activate my account?


  • babakbubuk December 15, 2019

    Awesome contest, please check my pict above and like this

    #FingerSnap #FST #Bounty #Airdrop


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