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In this article you can find the best 6 reasons to invest in Neblio

1.The team

During the ICO the team bought their coins instead of taking them for free, as most of the others do. That shows that Neblio is here for long term. It’s important to mention that the team didn’t even sell a coin when it hit the all time high price. This would give them millions and a luxury life, but they decide to hold and just keep building. Despite the condition of the market they keep delivering in the deadlines and working hard to implement more things to make the Neblio blockchain even better.


Neblio’s target is to be an easy to use blockchain for enterprises. There are available wallets almost for every operation system and main net was live till day one. Users can interact with the blockchain using API’s with the possibility to use 8 of the most common programming languages in order enterprises don’t have to hire solidity experts. Since January first of 2019 Neblio runs on an upgraded blockchain named Tachyon, capable to manage up to 3500 tps. You can easily track all the Neblio transactions using a very smooth block explorer.The team also constantly add new things, as everyone can easily check on github (

3.Neblio Token Protocol (NTP-1)

Neblio has it’s own token protocol. You can easily create your token in less than a minute using the web wallet ( It’s also possible to use metadata when you sending tokens. This can help enterprises in a lot of aspects as they can integrate to blockchain some of their operations, like supply chain tracking. After the Tachyon update NTP-1 tokens can be also be stored in qt wallets.


Neblio is a Proof of Stake coin. It has one of the highest staking rewards of all coins, as it is at 10% per year. You only need to keep open your qt wallet that includes your coins. There is no technical knowledge you need to have and you will be awarded for just holding the coins and securing the network.


Neblio has a small marketcap and a small supply. That gives it a big space for growth in price in the next months and years. The return to risk ratio is pretty amazing.

6. Cash flow

As neblio team is small, they can keep the project alive for years without wasting funds. The lead developer and co-founder of Neblio Eddy Smith has said that they have money to survive years of bear market and they will be ready for the next bull run whenever it comes. This gives confidence to investors and makes even more likely Neblio be one of the projects that will find adoption in the following years.

6.Cash flow

Want to see how much stake rewards you can get by staking Neblio? Check out the Neblio Staking calculator!

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