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The Neblio Team has recently reported on it and was also very interested in what’s happening on the Testnet. A hitherto unknown group apparently uses the Neblio Blockchain to gather weather data and evaluate it in another location.

See the Neblio Blogpost about the “Weather Token” here

22k Transactions since Token Launch!

An incredible number of transactions has been created by this token. Since he existed, he has sent over 22k transactions over the Testnet! And this data comes from a single weather station in San Francisco to the present day. Can you imagine how many transactions would only mean the evaluation of all capitals. I’m pretty sure that hardly any other Blockchain would be able to handle this huge amount of data without being forced to its knees!

How it works

The team around the WTHR token is currently collecting the required parameters with a sensor chip. The following graphic shows which data are evaluated. This data is stored as metadata on a Neblio transaction and sent immediately. Currently, a transaction is triggered approximately every 2 minutes.

Making weather data accessible via a blockchain to the entire population is a big deal! All data collected is irrevocably in the network. So manipulations will be ruled out in the future if the WTHR team manages to implement this technology worldwide. To our knowledge, no other blockchain has attempted to record this amount of data. We are curious how the WTHR Token will continue!

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