Tangle is a Prediction Markets dapp that utilizes Neblio blockchain. The token sale started at 14 of April 2019 and it will end at 26 of April 2019. They have also released a demo showing the basic features of the dapp. As we found the project very interesting and Neblio community wants to learn more about Tangle we arranged an interview with the lead developer in order potential investors to have a more clear picture of the project. Of course, if you want to learn details for Tangle you can visit http://www.tangledapp.io and follow them on social media.

1.Can you share some information about you and your experience in technology field?

Over the years I have worked in a matrix management system as both developer and technical product manager. During that period I consulted stealth and early-stage startups in strategy and technical product development processes, utilizing best practices and agile methodologies to spec and develop MVPs, technical and product roadmaps. As it pertains to blockchain experience, I worked on DavCoin and Status as a part time developer mostly identifying security vulnerabilities.
Awards: Awarded – 2012 – Viggle – Best app in the “Entertainment” and “Television/Video App” – MediaPost’s Appy Awards
Awarded – 2012 – Fango – Best New Service or Application – Australian Mobile Awards
Nominated – 2010 – Harvard Business School Publishing – Go to Person of the Year
Awarded – 2006 Sony BMG – Intern of the Year As for the rest of the team, they are equally important and very capable with seasoned experience in decentralized application development, front-end design, and back-end modifications.

2.What is Tangle and its main goal?

Tangle is a prediction markets application that empowers all users to create markets and participate with friends, families, colleagues. The main aim of Tangle is to demonstrate that through the use of decentralization anyone can have a ‘fair chance’ not just to actively participate in the blockchain ecosystem but to earn as well through any instance of creating, buying and disputing. Taking market share from traditional power houses and members of the cryptocurrency community would be considered a huge landmark for us. Content creation by users is what lead to the remarkable success of the web 2.0 and 3.0 era. The Facebooks, SnapChats, Instagrams and WhatsApps of this world paved the way and showed that for a technological ecosystem to thrive one must depend on its users to generate content. Tangle will do just that.

3.Which are the main reasons you chose Neblio blockchain?

Neblio Blockchain was chosen primarily for its metadata characteristics and the language offerings. It had a minimal learning curve and on top of that the TPS parameters of Tachyon is convenient for the real-time use of our application. Try our testnet demo and you will see how quickly operations are executed. It’s truly a sight to behold.

4.What do you think are your competitive advantages and why you will succeed?

Our competitive advantages is that anyone can create a market without technical knowledge. You simply enter your question and a binary option of YES or NO is assigned. This is novel in the concept that there is no learning barrier to overcome which can’t be said for our cryptocurrency competitors nor traditional ones which manifests into an oligarchy because of it.

5.How do you plan to benefit from the capabilities that crypto offers?

Well at the time of answering these questions our demo had been initialized over 618 times in the past 16 hours with several betting instances. While we can’t determine exactly how many users have utilized the demo it leads to one thing – attention arbitrage that can be backed by factual metrics; it’s all on the blockchain which means we can provide targeted ads for specific markets; a guaranteed revenue stream.

6.What will be Tangle’s key features?

Tangle’s key features will be in the ability to freely create any market, buy into any market, dispute market outcomes, refer users to a market that you are actively participating in and freely convert TGL to NEBL, BTC, USDT and LTC (payment cryptos with the exception of NEBL, which was included since it is the parent currency of the blockchain we are utilizing.) and vice versa.

7.As smartphone apps are very popular, are you planning to publish a mobile app as well? 

Yes, on the timeline on the website this currently scheduled for December 2019. The web application will be HTML5 ready (mobile compatible) from day one so you should not miss out on an interesting market even if you are using your mobile browser.

8.In the field of prediction markets are already some established projects like Augur. How will you manage to take market share? 

Augur is established, but it approaches the prediction market entirely different through the issuance of shares and creation of markets require some technical knowledge. We aim to take market share through simplicity and a user friendly approach to our application. A marketing manifesto with our go to market strategy will also be compiled so as to attract new users through brand association.

9.What is your highlight development feature for 2019? 

The highlight development feature of 2019 has to be the mobile apps because Augur lacks this feature. That would be a big statement of intent.

10.When do you plan Tangle be on the first exchange? 

Tangle has pre-contract agreement in place with one exchange that has not yet listed Neblio but we initially e-mailed the team cc’ing our litigators regarding having a MOU in place for assistance to be provided in integrating their wallet should it be deemed necessary. The listing will take place in May exactly 3 weeks after token sale has been completed.

11.What are the main characteristics of your marketing and how do you plan to approach the market?

Our marketing manifesto is still in the compilation phase but our strategy will be around brand association. So you might find banners on websites such as Livescore.com, ESPN.com, Coinmarketcap, etc. We’ll also attend sporting events as minor sponsors. This is just the base from which we intend to build.

12.Does the team have a motivation phrase? If yes, please share it with us! 

The motivation phrase is really more of Tangle’s tagline – If you can imagine it, then you can create it. This is pretty much the essence of Tangle; easily created markets for participation. We prioritize ease of use and gaining traction over everything else.

13.What’s your opinion about cryptocurrency and especially Tangle adoption for the future? 

My opinion on cryptocurrency is that it has its place alongside fiat. I do not believe there will be a total replacement anytime soon similar to having cards alongside cash. Currently, I think its latent value lies in both accountability of actions executed that has financial consequences as well as facilitating the spending and earning power of the unbanked. As for Tangle’s adoption, it will be down not just to technological execution but communication with the media and marketing endeavours. I believe our chances are as good as anyone else’s and if there is ever a need to recruit more talent at specific junctures in order to have an advantage then we will do so.

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  1. MandiM 3 months ago

    Tangle seems like a great project, and even better they’re on the Neblio chain. Can’t get much better ! Let’s hope they reach the softcap.

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