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2020 has already become the year of crises. Historically bad. The conflict between the United States and Iran. Another cryptocrash. The disscusion about climate change and not least the corona pandemic. So many factors affected our everyday lives.

It is particularly difficult for start-ups in such times. Finding suitable investors is extremely hard. And the community’s have also become extremely cautious. High risk investments are much less in demand than two years ago.

After countless hours of work and preparation, we now have to announce that the FingerSnap project has missed its crowdfunding goal. Unfortunately we were unable to raise the necessary funds for the next milestone on our roadmap.

What next for FingerSnap?

What does this mean for investors and Airdop participants?

First, we want to make it clear that the project has not failed. We continuously work on the project with the resources available to us. Only the speed of development will change.

We hope that our community will continue to support us.

Exchanges / Listing

We are currently in the process of obtaining offers and suitable conditions for trustworthy exchanges. A listing with our partner is still being negotiated.
Because of the unexpected result of the IEO, there is a direct impact on the listing there.
We keep you up to date in this regard.
Any further listing will be announced on our social media channels.

Closing Words

We are aware that the situation can trigger fear and anger. We therefore ask for leniency and patience. In these difficult times when cohesion is important.

#staysafe #stayathome Jens, Founder

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