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Exciting weeks again at FingerSnap.org! Let’s summarize.

Server Upgrade

Due to great performance difficulties, the complete FingerSnap workaround was migrated to a dedicated server solution. Especially the traffic from social networks made it difficult for the old system! Our new solution can now handle a huge rush without coming to the limit. The decision was also made in connection with the future plans of the entire FingerSnap project.

FingerSnap.org Blockchain Based Q&A Platform!

First. At the moment, the system still runs via an internal points management. With elaborated points you can earn badges.

These reflect your status in the network. In addition, the “PUMP” function has already been implemented. With this feature you can push up your questions in the lists for a small fee.

In addition to these special features, we hope you like the whole new Q&A interface! It is designed for performance and is characterized by its ease of use! Have fun with it!

Get your FingerSnap Badges

Check all Badges here out!

FST – FingerSnap Token

FingerSnap is already well-known in the Neblio Community and the name has been linked more than once.
As the community knows, we have been thinking for a long time what kind of NTP1 project would suit us best. We wanted to create a real usecase.
After countless hours on the drawing board, we have now worked out a suitable solution for us.

We will be shaking up the Q&A market over the next year! With the help of the Neblio Blockchain, we will gradually decentralize all our current features! We will do this with our FST token. He will take on the necessary tasks in the future!

Our Token Website

Since we are now an official project, a corresponding website may not be missing!


is now available for you. Get a closer look at the Project and lern about our concept and intension. In addition, we provide up-to-date status updates on the project.

check it out!

FST (FingerSnap Token) AIRDROP

FingerSnap Airdrop

Details about this giveaway can be found in our social media channels. Further information can also be found on the official Token website!
Here is a brief summary of the conditions that must be met in order to get to the first 500 FST tokens.

How to get 500 FST Token

That’s it for today. Get ready for more updates!

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