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Since the first of June, it is possible to trade on the Imba exchange. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at recent events. In addition, we want to deal with the goals and future plans of the company.


IMBA Airdrop

“Let’s Start with an Airdrop”

For the start of the exchange, they decided to use a very popular Promo method, the Airdrop. Each newly registered account was allowed to enjoy 1500 Imba tokens. This Token follows the NTP1 standard on the Neblio Blockchain and is used, among other things, as an insert for the gaming platform. More here

That happened before Day 1. The onslaught was huge and IMBA was mainly allowed to welcome many users from Indonesia. Fraud attempts were quickly recognized by the team and effectively stopped. The security system, which is primarily intended to reveal double registations, worked perfectly and subsequently sorted out more than 40K fake accounts from the database!

The fraudsters were not clever

Multiple account with the same password that are directly in one Team

User with the same Name in different Teams

At first, we thought to giving these people a second chance to participate in airdrop via a verification. But now we have decided against it because we have deleted only account where we are 100% sure.
And it would also be unfair to those people who stood up for us and honestly received their IMBA tokens.

– Michael Eder

If you want to know more, feel free to read the last IMBA blog post

More Chances to earn some IMBA Token!

The marketing department has now ignited the afterburner and presented various other options to receive IMBA tokens. We’ll talk about that for a moment!

IMBA Trading challenge! – 1.500.000 IMBA on the Line!

IMBA Trading challenge

Rules and Metrics

The competition will run from 19:00:00 June 1, 2019 to 19:00:00 July 1, 2019 (UTC +8)

Users will be ranked in terms of the total IMBA volume traded on IMBA-Exchange (including both buys and sells) across all IMBA trading pairs during the competition period.

1. TOP 5 Traders:  1,000,000 IMBA in total to win!

The top 5 accounts with the highest trading amounts of IMBA (buys +sells) on IMBA-Exchange will win a share of 1,000,000 IMBA rewards in proportion to their trading amount.

For example:
If you enter the top 5 according to your IMBA trading amount during the competition, with a transaction volume of 10,000 IMBA and the total transaction volume of the top 5 users is 100,000 IMBA, your reward proportion will be 10%, which would be 100,000 IMBA.

2. TOP 6-100 Traders:  500,000 IMBA in total to win!

Participate in trading IMBA on IMBA-Exchange during the competition. Top 6-100 accounts with the trading amount of IMBA (buys +sells) on IMBA Exchange will share 500,000 IMBA as rewards!

Top 6-10 traders: evenly split a pool of  250,000 IMBA

Top 11-25 traders: evenly split a pool of 125,000 IMBA

Top 26-50 traders: evenly split a pool of 75,000 IMBA

Top 51-100 traders: evenly split a pool of 50,000 IMBA


5K Imba for YOUR IMBA Promo Video!

IMBA Youtube

Are you an ambitious movie maker? You can now use your talent to earn more IMBA tokens. 5K to be exact. What you have to do for it? Let’s take a closer look!

What you need to explain in your Video.

  • Introduce IMBA-Exchange
  • How do i sign up an Account
  • How to deposit
  • How to withdraw
  • Talk about the Trading Interface
  • How to create an order

How to get rewards for your Video

  • Upload the Video (Youtube for example)
  • Send us the link
  • Wait for response (usually takes 24h)
  • After confirmation, we request your video and upload it to our channel
  • Of course we will post your affiliate link in the video description
  • pay out will be after we uploaded an shared your video

Check out on the IMBA Website

IEO – Responsive Website – Game Developer

Future Plans for IMBA

The trend towards the IEO has been emerging for some time. Stock exchanges offer their platfom to launch a token. This procedure celebrates great success and has largely replaced the popular ICO model. Also IMBA would like to offer this service in the future. In a personal conversation with Micheal Eder (CEO of IMBA), it became clear that we can expect the presentation and the first offering very soon!

Responsive Website and a new Game Developer

Furthermore, the CEO informed us that website design will be updated soon. Details are not known yet. The focus is clearly on a responsive surface. The trading interface follows afterwards.

In addition, he told us that the platform may look forward to a game developer who soon joins the team.

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