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Neblio has partnered with KIND ADS. In this article we take a closer look what this Partnership offers.


Kind Ads is an advertising platform that serves user-friendly ads through more effective channels like email and push notifications. Advertisers save money. Publishers keep more of what they earn. Users aren’t barraged with annoying and irrelevant ads.

As a modern advertising agency, KIND ADS deals with a large part of the advertising strategy. Of course, crypto projects are also part of the portfolio. But not exclusively. The partnership with Neblio includes a discount on strategies and campaigns up to 50% for the first 10 new customers and then 25% for all subsequent orders for Neblio based projects. The maximum is $ 15k per campaign.

KIND ADS’s Intergrations / Network

KIND ADS has already built a huge network with the biggest internet advertising agencies. We have listed them here.


“Easily grow your traffic and revenue with push notifications for web and mobile.”


“Mailchimp’s tools and platform allow us to get closer to our customers and understand what they want.”


“OneSignal is the market leader in customer engagement, powering mobile push, web push, email, and in-app messages for 600,000+ businesses worldwide.”


“Create and deliver eye-catching emails that drive real business results with our easy-to-use design, personalization, and automation tools.”


“Re-engage visitors and drive them back to your website, from anywhere on the browser.”


“AWeber helps ambitious small businesses and entrepreneurs drive real results with powerful, targeted email automation.”


“Partner with the email service trusted by developers and marketers for time-savings, scalability, and delivery expertise. .”

What the Neblio Team say about KIND ADS

“Kind Ads will show users more relevant ads through channels like email marketing and push notifications so users can browse the web without being bombarded by irrelevant ads.
Kind Ads recently raised ~$20M in funding and their token (KIND) should be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges in the near future.”

See the the Neblio Blogpost here

Closing Words

This partnership makes the incentive to start your cryptoproject on the Neblio Blockchain much more attractive. Advertising costs are among the highest investment factors. Here you can really save money and professional handling is guaranteed.

Want to know how to get access to this discount? Contact the Neblio Team here:

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