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Awsome features and fully decantralized! This could be a true game changer! Its simple, its fast

In the following Video, Thomas Rhys shows you how easy and technical advanced this decentralized Exchange is!

Check out the Neblidex Website here:

About Thomas Rhys

Thomas Rhys is a Crypto YouTuber and pretty well known in the Neblio Commuity Space. He delivers very smart and also unique content.

What Neblidex offers:

  • Built on the Neblio Blockchain using NTP1 technology.
  • Trade NEBL for other cryptocurrencies with no downtime.
  • No central server and no central order book and charts.
  • No one owns the exchange and no one can lock up your funds.
  • One touch option to become a Critical Node.
  • Open multiple orders at the same time.
  • This website down? The exchange will still run.

For more Information, check out

Interview with Eddie Smith, founder of Neblio

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