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With a little tweet, Neblio has recently brought life into the community! The update for version 2.1 is pending. Here you read all the changes coming to us!

Why is everyone so exited? Here is what the Tweet says

Neblio v2.1 is nearing release! Never spend days or even hours syncing your Neblio wallet again! Our new QuickSync is coming to all platforms! The new OP_CLTV will enable on-chain atomic swaps between NEBL, LTC and other coins! New NTP1 features + tons more, it’s a huge release!

See the Tweet here

Neblio’s Quicksync for all platforms

Neblio Quicksync packages a highly-compressed copy of the blockchain in every Node download. This copy of the blockchain is updated from our build servers every single night, ensuring that the blockchain data is never older than 24 hours. When the Node is first deployed syncing the remaining blocks takes only seconds.

The Neblio Team about Quicksync

“No blockchain platform that asks customers to wait weeks, days, or even hours for a new full node to sync after deployment will ever gain adoption in the enterprise world.
At Neblio, we’re measuring sync times in seconds, thanks to Neblio QuickSync, and solving the usability pain-points preventing the enterprise adoption of blockchain technology. “

Quicksync was included for Docker in Dev. update 3. Read it here

Atomic Swaps

Atomic Swaps has the potential of completely revolutionizing the money transfer system in the crypto world. To put it in simple terms, atomic swaps will enable people to directly trade with one another wallet-to-wallet.

Benifits of Atomic Swaps

  • Interoperability between the different assets is a huge problem right now in cryptocurrencies. Atomic swaps are going to bring users of all these different coins together to help them interact with each other.
  • Atomic swap makes the crypto ecosystem more “currency agnostic”. Because people with different crypto holdings will now be able to interact with each other, it is pretty likely that people will be more open to diversifying their holdings instead of just depending on a few coins.
  • Atomic Swaps will open the doors to trustless and fee-less decentralized exchanges. 
  • Central exchanges are centralized and hence open to a host of attacks. Atomic swaps remove the need for having a 3rd party and makes the trade as direct as possible.
  • External attacks aside, centralized exchanges are also suspect to internal maintenance issues and corruption. Wallet maintenance” or disabled withdrawals are especially two big problems. Atomic swaps are going to give you complete control over your money.
  • Direct wallet-to-wallet trading epitomizes decentralization in its purest form. Exchanges are constantly targeted for regulation purposes which makes the whole trading process increasingly centralized.

Want to find out more about Atomic Swaps – Read this Atricle on Block Geeks

New NTP1 features on the way

Unfortunately, we could not see the tweet which changes take place exactly. But now that NTP1 is transferring large amounts of information via metadata over the network, we are very excited about what the Neblio team has prepared for us!

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