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Do you have some Neblio on an exchange? Don’t leave them there! Take advantage of the Neblio TipBot and stake your NEBL live on discord!

As you probably know it’s not good to store your Neblio on exchanges, not only for safety reasons, but also because the exchanges keep the stakes for themselves and you get nothing. It’s understandable that if you only have a few Neblio, you don’t want to keep them in your personal wallet and stake them, because it needs to keep your computer running.

What should you do?

Neblio team is very active on discord and they have created a Tipbot there( You only need to go to Neblio discord in Tipbot section and follow the instructions to deposit your Neblio. Tipbot collects all the coins that people deposit, makes a list with user names and how many each user holds. After the Tipbot wallet hit a stake it splits to the holders. It’s a very easy process, but if you need help Neblio team or other users will be there for you. If you using the Tipbot you can also tip some Neblio to other users or the team.

Tipbot gives you also a reason to check regularly discord, as is the place where the team is more active. Don’t miss the chance to stake your Neblio, while you don’t have to do anything.

Commandlist for Neblio’s Tipbot

  • !rank tipbotstakers – Enter / Leave the Tipbot staking pool
  • !tipbot balance – bot shows your balance
  • !tipbot deposit – make a deposit
  • !tipbot tip “username” “amount” – tip NEBL to a community member
  • !tipbot withdraw – make a withdraw

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