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What is IMBA?

IMBA is a cryptocurrency created by Edjowa Holding. IMBA runs natively on the Neblio blockchain and follows the NTP1 standard. The IMBA Token was established with a total supply of 200 million. IMBA plans to use 5% of our profits each year to buy back and burn IMBA, until 25% of the total supply (50 million IMBA) is burned.

IMBA is a gaming token. You can use it to play against other Players in the arena.

Later more and more features for IMBA will be established.

IMBA is the bridge between gaming and trading.

IMBA will be open for trading at the 01.June.2019 it BTC, ICR and NEBL Market

What makes IMBA different?

IMBA is not just a normal crypto exchange. The idea behind it is much more exciting. Imba wants to present itself as a platform for online gaming in addition to all common crypto-exchange features. This is served by their NTP1 IMBA token, which can be used as an insert for individual games as well as tournaments. During the FingerSnap benchmark, it was possible to play a round of pong with CEO Ing. Michael Eder, which was a lot of fun.

More Games on the line!

Ing. Michael Eder :

“I want to bring the old arcade games back a bit pepped up.”
“We now have 2 more games almost done.”
“Bulls and Bears” and “Cronerocket.”

After this games like poker and chess will join the Portfolio

The Exchange

The exchange itself is very clearly structured. There are currently 3 markets available: BTC, ICR and Neblio. The IMBA team has been very diligent and has already listed several NTP1 projects, including Trifid, NDEX and NAUTO! Of course we find that excellent and hope that the barrier for future Neblio projects remains so manageable.

Of course, we also measured the speed of deposit and withdrawal. The values ​​were not outstanding but still in the normal range. The deposit we could see after about 4 minutes on our account. We were unfortunately unable to check the payout because this function is not available in the current development phase. Payouts should be available from 1 June. Then the 1500 IMBA tokens can also be lifted onto the Neblio Wallet, which will be distributed as a reward for registration via Airdrop.

The security concept

The security concept has not been published yet. In a personal conversation, however, we were told that IMBA attaches great importance to the security of the funds. As an example, “double check withdraw” and a multiwallet environment were called to reduce the damage to an absolute minimum in the case of a hack.

The Team

The team of Imba consists mainly of core members of the edjowa-holding. Currently, 4 members are involved in the development and implementation. Other team members will follow.

See the Full edjowa-holding Team here

Closing Words

You can clearly feel that IMBA is still in a very early stage of development. However, we find the concept of gaming and trading very interesting. Playing a round of “pong” while waiting for orders to be filled is unique. The addition of a cryptocurrency is also the cause of a certain kick. We will stay tuned as usual and will of course continue to follow IMBA!

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