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Neblio recently got addet to this new exchange. In this article we are gonna take a deeper look at the Trade Interface, their transparency model and listing procedure.

About Altilly

Altilly was initially a side project, an idea that grew into fruition. It is now a fully functioning Enterprise GradeSystem. They are located in the Netherlands.

They builded the core parts of altilly from the ground up, using the latest programming techniques to make the system less resource intensive, fast, and secure.


Here is what the Altilly Team tells us about their security management

“We take great lengths to ensure a complete security lockdown of our systems using multiple layers of firewalls and internal networking. Our safe storage is completely off network and stored in a secured facility. Each time we move cryptocurrency funds to safe storage, we use a new address/private key. When and if we need to move funds from safe storage to the live wallets, we will only retrieve the key with a balance that matches the demand.”

“For deposit and withdrawal wallets, each daemon is run by an uniquely assigned non-rootable user. This gives each wallet it’s own operating environment that can not disturb or read information from other wallets. We use long random strings for wallet usernames and passwords that are unique to each wallet and this information is stored as encrypted data. Our system will automatically lockdown any wallet which reverses it’s chain and we scan posted transactions for reversal as well.”

Registration is easy but why Telegram?

The Register Form is easy. Almost every Nation is able to get acces to their Platfom. There is only one thing that we did not understand. Why do you need a telegram account for registration ? It’s not an option. It’s a requirement!

NEBL Deposit in less than 60 sec!

After our first Login we directly went to the deposit page, which is a bit hard to find but the Interface is build up like Binance. A huge list with trading pairs.So we testet how long it takes to deposit Neblio and we were more than suprised! Less than 60 sec for the hole transaction, just awsome! Withdraw took around 6 min. Also very good!

Choose between USDT, BTC, ETH and XQR Markets

The trading Interface

Unfortunately, the market start page has no search function built in, so you have to find your own market. The list is sorted alphabetically. In the interface itself, however, a matched pair can be selected very quickly via a tab.

Watch out! Neblio only has the XQR pair to trade at this time


Altilly publishes much of its data, in contrast to other crypto exchanges. This includes the listing fees. What really pleased us was the planning board where you are always informed about the status of the site. Other crypto exchanges could take an example. Good job!

Listing Fee’s


Qredit is the native coin of the crypto exchange. Qredit was originally a Neblio Project, which later decided to build its own blockchain on the base code of ARK. Listing fees are paid exclusively in Qredit.

Find out more about their FEES here

Planning Board

Closing words

This still very young Crypto Exchange tries to do everything right. From enormous security effort to the transparency model, the approach has definitely succeeded. A few cosmetic changes could make this platform a real insider tip.

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