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Neblio partnered with ALLIEDBLOCK! Check out what the Team say about this important strategy update here! The FingerSnap commuity is impressed by this move and we are exited to see what this partnership will offer for the future! 

“As part of Neblio’s vision to help companies and entrepreneurs easily transition to blockchain we are happy to announce that Neblio has partnered with AlliedBlock!

The Neblio Marketing Team about ALLIEDBLOCK:

“Headquartered in Cambridge, MA, AlliedBlock is an end-to-end blockchain development company with over 50 developers, providing Blockchain development and enterprise blockchain consultation services.
They currently work with the most popular blockchain platforms, and are now adding Neblio as one of their platforms of choice.
As their focus is mainly on enterprise blockchain development, we quickly realized that a partnership would be mutually beneficial.
This partnership is aimed at bringing quality projects to be built on the Neblio blockchain. In addition, it will allow us to direct potential projects, that need blockchain development assistance, to an experienced blockchain development company.
AlliedBlock is offering a discount to projects coming from Neblio on a case by case basis, depending on the project’s needs.
Any project who is interested in exploring this opportunity please contact the Neblio Team and we will be happy to make the introduction.
This partnership is yet another step in the road to make Blockchain technology accessible to everyone and turning Neblio’s vision into a reality. “

source: NEBLIO on Medium

What AlliedBlock offers:

AlliedBlock is an end-to-end blockchain development company dedicated to bringing the best blockchain solutions to the world. No matter what stage you are in – from startup to enterprise – we work with you to accelerate your ability to discover the power of blockchain.

“We provide consultation to enterprises looking to explore the blockchain space.
Our consultation process will give you deep insights into blockchain’s real world applications. We engage directly to understand how best to apply the technology in your business by working with key stakeholders and teams to dig out the use cases that have the potential to deliver the most value.

If you would like to learn more about how blockchain can directly add value to your business, we offer free discovery sessions where we walk through our consultation process and cover some of the high level disruption blockchain technology has already produced directly in your vertical.”

To get full insights check out AlliedBlock’s WEBSITE

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