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The last month has been very important for Neblio development and adoption. Let’s analyze the biggest accomplishments of the team that we had recently. In just one month we had Neblio v2.1, Site Rebranding and Chainlink Partnership.

Neblio v2.1

If you follow FingerSnap for a long time you had a taste of the development here

1. This is the newest version of Neblio. V2.1 came out with lot of features helping especially the new people in Neblio. Now, QuickSync is available not only for Raspberry Pi, but for all operating systems. Depending on your computer and your internet connection you can sync your staking wallet in about 10 minutes.

2. Atomic Swaps: An atomic swap is a smart contract technology that enables exchange of one cryptocurrency for another without using centralized means like exchanges. This implement helps software like decentralized exchanges on Neblio blockchain to swap coins on pairs like NEBL/BTC, NEBL/LTC without the touch of a centralize system.

3. One of the most confusing things for new people using staking wallets, was the rejected stakes. Users thought that they were staked the block, but another user had staked it already. This made lot of confusion and admins on Neblio’s social media had to answer this many times a day. Now, the rejected stakes are hidden and you can only see the valid staked you got.

4. Team also made some more technical changes in order to help developers build easily on Neblio blockchain. The most important of them are the upgradeof Neblio API Suite SDKs to v1.2.4, RPC Changes and Metadata Viewing for NTP-1 tokens. You can also spot some improvements in Neblio Block Explorer, API Server Stability and Neblio Orion, which are helping to create an even better user experience.

You can read the details of the v2.1 update by visiting

Website Rebranding

Just one week ago, Neblio released the new website. The design was created by Ideas By Nature, a well known crypto website designer. The new site is full of modern designs and usefull information about the project. You can also check the new roadmap where you can see the development and adoption plans. This rebranding was something that the Neblio community really wanted, in order the image of the project to fit with the progress on the development side.

If you haven’t already visit the new site, i highly recommend you to do it now

Chainlink Partnership

This is the biggest partnership for Neblio till now. Neblio will work with Chainlink to integrate Chainlink’s decentralized oracle network with Neblio’s Enterprise Blockchain Platform. In other words, it gives the capabilities to Enterprise developers to use real- word data to the their applications. This creates endless real world use cases for Neblio blockchain. Some of the sectors that Neblio can find adoption are IoT, commerce, supply chain, healthcare and finance.

“We’ve chosen Chainlink due to the decentralization, security, and technical maturity of their oracle network. By having access to a trusted and decentralized source of real-world data, Chainlink will allow Neblio developers to build decentralized applications that interact with events and data from our everyday lives. Additionally, Neblio will provide Chainlink and its users with access to a proven and mature Enterprise Blockchain Platform focussed on simplifying blockchain adoption for business.” — Eddy Smith, Neblio Co-Founder

You can read details about this huge Neblio partnership here

Neblio v2.1, Site Rebranding and Chainlink Partnership are just the beginning, as Neblio is here to stay!

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