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That came as a surprise. The Neblio team recently announced on Twitter that the project will be featured in a new board game. “Crypto Millionaire” is a startup that will soon launch a Kickstarter campaign. The head behind the company (2018 Satori Games Ltd) is Jason Burwood. He tells us the following about the interesting game!

My passion is creating board games, I’m also a Crypto hodler and entrepreneur.

Let me tell you a little bit about the origin of this game. Back in December 2017, a good friend introduced me to the world of Crypto, although his only advice was to buy some! I went about the process of finding out how to invest and made my first Bitcoin and Ethereum purchases in early January 2018.

I know, I know, bad timing right? But that’s another story, anyway I soon became fascinated by the Crypto space and the potential of the Blockchain…I was hooked. Almost instantly I knew I had to create a Crypto board game, so I did.

Creating board games is a passion for me, especially when it’s combined with a theme that I’m equally excited about. The successful combination of these passions became self-evident after witnessing the exciting results of our play testing, people loved it, adults and kids alike. Soon after, I identified its enormous potential to be more than just a board game. I quickly envisaged its role in helping Crypto go mainstream, assist greatly in the mass adoption of Crypto currencies and provide a fantastic opportunity for Crypto and Blockchain based companies to create awareness of their projects and their amazing work.​

I can’t wait to get this game in your hands…
You’re gonna love it!

The best of the best of the best

All announced projects that will be part of the game


Clearly, the company is currently in the financing phase. Board games usually have high odds on Kickstarter. Similar to video and creative card games, board games are very popular.

Unfortunately, we have not yet been able to come up with a detailed timetable on the official website. We expect the campaign to start in September 2019. If you want to stay up-to-date permanently, you can find out more here.

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