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Over the last year the team added a lot of features to the Neblio blockchain. Now it’s one of the fasted and easiest to use blockchain platforms out there. For this reason, the team decided to rebrand and redesign the website in order to fit with the achievements they have done in technology development. The team hired Ideas By Nature ( to do the work as they specialize in building sites for blockchain projects. They have worked with many well known projects like Komodo and Salt.

Eddy Smith (lead developer) said that the redesign will be ready in Q2 of 2019 and he thinks it will attract lot of new developers and investors as the new site will help people to easily learn all the information they need about Neblio and the potential it has.

As we hear from the COO of Ideas By Nature, they also seem very happy to have the chance to work with Neblio team: “We’re very excited to have partnered with Neblio and take their offering to the next level. Proof-of-Stake projects are an important development in the blockchain technology ecosystem. Neblio is taking that a step further, building useful API’s & tools for industries that have already proofed their need for blockchain-enabled solutions. It’s a tech, a team, and an offering that we believe in. — Jeffrey Vier, Ideas By Nature COO”

Neblio community was asking for a site rebranding and the team realized this need. The team decided to deliver a high quality redesign by working with Ideas By Nature.

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