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Professor Asked on November 9, 2019 in Financial.


on November 9, 2019.

What do mean ;)?

on November 9, 2019.
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how much is the total supply of $FST tokens? and IEO prices on the IMBA exchange?

Noob Answered on November 9, 2019.

Total Supply is 15m , IEO price will be $0.024

on November 15, 2019.
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Great looking website guys !!!! . lets get that white paper out guys!!!!!FINGERSNAPS

Student Answered on November 13, 2019.
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I really like the token webpage and the whitepaper.
Can’t wait for the IEO startup and more important the product 👍

Paramedic Answered on November 20, 2019.
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I know actually

Newcomer Answered 7 days ago.
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