This Website needs to be more Lively. Do you agree?

I hope these thread help the team improve this website.

  1. The Logo is too small for mobile device users. Make it much bigger or place a website name more visible.
  2. The informations about the website is hard to find. Please include links like Telegram channel or Twitter.
  3. The interface is very silent. Make it more colorful.
  4. Are their any rules? I cant find any.

I will continue reviewing this platform to help the team and the users. Good day.

Supporter Asked on December 8, 2019 in Design.
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Thank you for your feedback! This is an very early version of FingerSnap. at the present time, it only serves as a framework for what is to come! This is all about the logic and scalability. The CSS concept is under construction and will be optimized in connection with  our branding after the IEO! So stay tuned!

Professor Answered on December 8, 2019.
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