TANGLE is Neblio’s brand new DAPP. They are currently building a prediction Market utilizing the power of Tachyon. We checked out the DEMO to see their progess!

How you get access to the Demo

Keep in mind! This is very early access. All operations running on the Neblio Testnet!

First thing you need to do is enter to your Browser

You get directed to the Login Page

The Demo – Metadata YES! other features No!


  1. At least one commit shall be made for Yes and No.
  2. A notification will be shown that commit was made.
  3. Balances for each user will be reduced.
  4. Afterwards, one user should close the round by pressing ‘close round’.
  5. A notification will appear that round was closed.
  6. The user(s) with the wrong prediction will receive a notification immediately.
  7. The user(s) with the correct prediction will receive a notification in approximately one
    minute with details containing the betting transaction hash, and amount of nebl won.
  8. The winning user(s) will see an increase in the nebl balance.

In the end we have to say, that this demo shows how metadata can be used to add, store and keep value to a NTP1 Token! The DEMO is showing that specific field of Neblio.

If you want to see full Demo Introduction:


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