What are they and how can you achieve them?

FingerSnap is a NEBLIO (NON profit) community based Game, that allows paticipants to achieve 6 unique NTP1 Token!

How it works!

Players are able to enter the competition with following setted parameters:

  • send Trx to: NiWBiKwx7ezEW3XsUcReLhXh7forg7Q56r
  • Trx= >= 0.1 $NEBL
  • This Trx needs to be in “Timer setted time” (webbased timer is used for that) / itsamol.st

FingerSnap is collecting these data via API Request from Neblio API Suite. For control you can use “Swagger UI” to get these Data requests yourself.

you can check out the request yourself by typing this link into your browser:

Request URL: https://ntp1node.nebl.io/ins/addr/NiWBiKwx7ezEW3XsUcReLhXh7forg7Q56r

How do I know that i have won?

The #FingerSnap “Helping Tool” Converts each TRX into a sequence number and pick up a random number itself. This number will be converted back to TRX number and be the Winner of a competition!

Winners will be announced on Twitter and Telegram

What do I get from the participation?

Each “stone” and most important the wallet where it is stored will recieve 1/6 of the stake rewards the #FingerSnap wallet was able to stake. For that, the total amount of stake rewards will be divided by 6 and distributed at every 1st on a new month.


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