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Rymos integrated Neblio which provides Neblio staking online . This is awsome for people that are unable to set up a raspberry pi and also not able to keep their desktop 24/7 online. But thats not all. Rymos also delivers a very special feature. You can recieve and send your Nebl via email even if the person you are sending to never heard of crypto or Neblio!

What Rymos offers

After your first register you get access to your wallet immediatly! Make sure you enable 2 Factor Authenticator.

Rymos seperates in two categories. First the NORMAL walltet and second: “THE VAULT”. In particular, there is no differents between those wallets exept the FEE.

Two plans for your stakes

  1. The “Normal” wallet is completly free to use but RYMOS charges 7% of your stake rewards
  2. The “Vault” provides a more restricted access. It was created to store funds. Rymos is currently charging 1 Nebl to acces the Vault.

Rymos is an awsome way to benifit from the 10% annual stake rewards from Neblio Network. But keep in Mind, you have currently no acces to your wallet.dat file when adding funds to these wallet. We hope to get this feature soon!

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