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As we all know, it’s very important for a coin to be in a variety of exchanges in order to make it easier for people to buy it. The last month, Neblio had some new exchanges, but you can’t find all of them in coinmarketcap. That’s what this post is about! Did you know that European citizens can buy Neblio even with fiat? Let’s discover all the exchanges.

Regular Exchanges

Binance: This exchange is one of the biggest in the cryptospace. Neblio is there for more than a year and is the exchange where you can find the most volume for it. Available pairs: BNB/NEBL, BTC/NEBL, ETH/NEBL site:

KuCoin: KuCoin is also a trustworthy exchange, but most of the time the Neblio’s volume is low and is difficult to buy big amounts. Available pairs: NEBL/BTC, NEBL/ETH site:

HitBTC: HitBTC is also a well known exchange, but the last months it seems that it has a lot of operating issues. Many users have claimed that they weren’t able to withdraw their Neblio or it took very long. Available pairs: NEBL/BTC, NEBL/ETH site:

TradeSatoshi: Trade Satoshi is a small volume exchange. Available pair: NEBL/BTC site:

Cryptopia: Neblio premiered on Cryptopia. It was the first exchange on which you could trade neblio. Unfortunately cryptopia has to deal with after effects of a hack. The exchange was powerless and could only watch as various funds were simply stolen. Available pairs: NEBL/BTC, NEBL/LTC, NEBL/DOGE site:

Altilly: It’s a Dutch exchange. You can read our full review here Available pair: NEBL/XQR site:

BitLadon: It’s a recent listing and European users can buy Neblio using Euro. Available pair: NEBL/EUR site:

NebliDex: It’s the first decentralized exchange on Neblio blockchain. You can trade Neblio with popular coins like BTC and LTC and a variety of tokens that use the Neblio Token Protocol (NTP-1) site:

Fast Conversion Exchanges

EasyRabbit: You can exchange Neblio with more than 50 other cryptocurrencies. It operates similar to shapeshift and it provides a fast and secure exchange of Neblio for a variety of popular coins site:

Coinmerce: You can exchange Neblio for Euro only with a few steps. Available pair: NEBL/EUR site:

BC BITCOIN:You can buy Neblio using a variety of fiat pairs. Available pairs: NEBL/GBP, NEBL/EUR, NEBL/USD, NEBL/AUD, NEBL/CAD, NEBL/JPY, NEBL/MXN, NEBL/SGD

As the Neblio ecosystem gets bigger, more exchanges will come. Eddy Smith (Neblio’s lead developer) said in his recent interview that they have a confirmation for listing in a major exchange. Let’s wait the news from the team!

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